HSR Lock

1.The number of locked positions is one for every 10,000 HSR, locking in the number of copies, a lock for a lock, and an inability to lock in one copy.
2.The locked-in cycle is divided into three months, six months and one year, and the user selects the corresponding lock period according to its own conditions.During the lockout period, there will be an irregular airdrop reward, and the different lockout cycle will be different.
3.The lock warehouse needs to transfer Hcash to the POS ore pool in advance and lock the warehouse after the successful transfer.
4.During the lock storage period, POS mining reward is also available. POS rewards in the lock section are distributed by the day, POS rewards are not locked, and free transfer and currency can be transferred after issuance.
5.Multiple rounds of airdrop bonus can be obtained during lock storage. Each round of airdrop needs to be completed before the snapshot is completed.
6.Hcash in the lock warehouse will not be able to conduct transactions, transfer and other operations during the lock warehouse. All external factors cannot be unlocked. Please choose carefully! 7.When the lock is due, it will be automatically transferred to the POS pool. If the lock is needed, it can be locked again.


1.The lock section enjoys normal POS mining proceeds, and the POS mining reward is not locked every day.
2.The airdrop reward, which is the reward unit, will carry out a different proportion of airdrops according to the locking cycle.The airdrop bonus will be unlocked when the lock is due.
3.The airdrop award is as follows.

Currency Three Month Six Month One Year Create Time Airdrop Time
Round 1st HLC 2500HLC 10000HLC 25000HLC 2018.1.31 24:00(UTC+8) Before 2018.2.15
Round 2nd CHAT 2500CHAT 10000CHAT 25000CHAT 2018.2.15 24:00(UTC+8) Before 2018.2.28
... ... ... ... ... ...

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