1.The OneHsr has already opened SHOP lock function, and lock the warehouse in one copy per 1000.
2.The lock cycle is divided into three months, six months and one year, and the user selects the corresponding lock period according to their own conditions.
3.The SHOP in the lock section will not be able to carry out transactions, transfer and other operations during the lock warehouse. All external factors cannot be unlocked. Please choose carefully!
4.The lock will be automatically transferred to the balance after expiration. If the lock is needed, it can be locked again.


1.Different proportion of SHOP rewards will be given according to the deadline of user lock-in, and the reward will be distributed synchronously when unlocking.
2.The specific rewards are as follows (1,000 SHOPs are 1):

Period Reward/part Annual rate
Three Month 20SHOP 8%
Six Month 60SHOP 12%
One Year 180SHOP 18%

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